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De Perfecte Zonnegroet

Just because it’s basic doesn’t mean it’s simple! The Sun Salutation is one of the most common warm-up yoga exercises and has a light calisthenic value.

There are also countless variations on the Sun Salutation and you’ll notice many teachers do it differently. We have a standard version that we teach and we’ll explain a little bit over the history and evolution of this exercise and why we teach it the way we do.

In this workshop we’ll review in detail:

  • the Zonnegroet A en B: modifications for different levels of strength

  • classic Zonnegroet and the 8-point pose

  • lunges versus Warriors

  • the importance of hand and foot placement

  • individual anatomy - how should YOU approach it?

  • longevity in your practice: protecting your joints

  • jump backs: who should do them and why? what value do they add to your yoga practice? how do you get there?

Prijs: 35 euro


Earlier Event: September 22
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Later Event: September 28
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